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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Everyone Has a First Something or Other.

Everyone has a first of many things in their lives. For me for the purpose of this post, it is the first Art Series that I ever painted. Up until this point I had just painted one-offs, some good, mind you, but I felt the time had come to make a bigger statement. "Chain Drive" is the name of this series, and it is loosely based on Industrialization and the effects that it has had on the world. Some of those effects are just know coming home to roost in a big way, like global warming. I narrowed the compositions down to machinery, which in my paintings were round forms with teeth-like- looking things on them. And the round forms with teeth were then surrounded by various objects which fed the narration. As the first painting in this series, I named the above simply, "Chain Drive". I liked the sense of movement in them. And many people commented that they liked the effect, too. So I kept painting them. This one is in Space with the main round and red form with teeth on it running an operation that was building structures, or maybe communities. That is my interpretation - you may not see that and that is perfectly fine. This was painted in 2014 and since it was the first one, the concept was still evolving. It took me 4 months to paint. I hit a level of sheer frustration by not being able to complete it, and then I suddenly completed it. I think when that happens with an artist, which it does quite a bit, something shifts, because the energy level changes and maybe emotionally intensifies. This is actually part of the joy of being an artist for me - though it took me a long time to realize it.

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