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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Decision, or No Decision

The decisions we make sometimes as artists sometimes leave us feeling not regretful or misplaced, but on hold. I say this when looking at this painting, titled, Afternoon Sun, which I painted in 2012, early in my art career. After I finished it, I recognized that I had created something really nice, pleasing to the eye and something that I was proud to hang on my wall. I thought the color palette was cool (no pun intended) and the composition was very interesting, if not minimalist. It was all of those things at once. What it didn't do was jolt my imagination. It didn't look totally original to me. It reminded me in so many ways of other artists that I was familiar with, ie: Mark Rothko, Barnet Newman & Jack Bush's fields of color, to name a few. So I made the decision to explore the world of art in me, to discover who I was as an artist. I was seeking originality of some degree in my work. In the art world today, that is a tall drink. So much has been done and done again. I began a soul searching process, looking at my heart and what interested me in life, such as relationships and nature. The process involved a great deal of experimentation and trial and error. The Chain Drive Series, below, was the first thing to evolve, using different shapes, round shapes. I was happy with some of what I created and helped me to understand where I wanted to be. When I began painting the Urban Summer/Urban Winter Series in late 2016, I realized that I was painting me. I had landed on what my heart was saying to do. I had found my style.

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