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Friday, August 9, 2019

Urban Summer 2

OK. Hear me out on this one. An artist's relationship with their art is sometimes complicated, or at the very least, personal. Their art is like their baby. So, by the time I had painted this beauty, I had already painted five paintings before it in this Series. Now, only no. 1 of the first five were very good, but the jury was still out on no. 1. I had a vision for what I wanted, but translating that to canvas can often be trial and tribulation. That's what makes us grow as artists, right? So along comes this one, no. 6, and I knew I had created something worthwhile, at the very least, I thought. So, paintings 2-5 I discarded, or painted over, and re-named this Urban Summer 2. About a year later, after painting 20 or so paintings, I painted over no. 1. By that time I had named and published all of these and I couldn't rename them all, so I kept this as no. 2. There is no no. 1. It is a reminder of the birthing of this series and the process that it took.

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